Associate Sculptors

Sculpture Northwest Associate Sculptor members support and promote public sculpture in Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom counties. Their relationship with Sculpture Northwest is mutually beneficial, in both working towards promoting quality sculpture for it’s cultural significance and economic opportunity.

Francie Allen
Francie is a dancer and an artist, and these two worlds meld to create her unique sculptures. After moving up and down the West Coast in her adult life, Francie now lives in Bellingham. She models her works after the flow of the human figure. Mostly working with wire netting and paper pulp as her sculpting materials, she often uses projected light, or objects like chairs, to bring her figures into the viewers dimension.
Pictured: Monkey King Has Visitors

Penelope Crittenden
By bringing a child like sense of wonder to her work, and putting that spirit into the stones that she hand-carves, Crittenden is able to express her love of animals and nature in her sculptures and limited edition bronzes. She works from the Freeland art studio on Whidbey Island.
Pictured: Pride of the Village

Jeff Day
Day has been working as an artist for 40 years and now paints and sculpts from his studio on Whidbey Island. His sculpture is abstract and figurative forms composed primarily of bronze. Many of his organic pieces are inspired by the nature and rock formations found along the pacific coast.
Pictured: Return to the Skagit

David Dumbrell
As a retired woodworker, David still enjoys working with his hands to create moving figures with intricate mechanical underbellies. This style is referred to as Automata and makes up the bulk of his works. Always experimenting with new mechanisms and processes drives him to grow is work both visually and technically.
Pictured: Are We There Yet

Dan Freeman
Freeman has been professionally sculpting since 1972, but has been a sculptor his whole life. Envisioning how mediums can relating and bring those ideas to life by splicing elemental materials together to create a flow and singleness of purpose. “In my work I express who I am and how I see the world.”
Pictured: Balancing Act

Robert Gigliotti
Robert crafts his pieces to be both visually pleasing as well as symbolic of myth, the spirit or the physical world. He creates versatile pieces in a variety of styles that all contain his distinct voice. Both large and small, his pieces are thrilling and thoughtful. Working mostly in bronze and stone, his sculptures will make you smile, ponder life, and then leave you with a more open mind.
Pictured: Paddler

Dave Haslett
Dave was born in the Pacific Northwest where the nature in his surroundings is found in both his bronze sculpture and stone carvings. While attending Portland State University he was introduced to the techniques of bronze casting and the world of stone carving, and Dave’s been using rare and exotic stone ever since. Dave now carves small hand-held fetish stones, pedestal-sized pieces, and monumental sculpture.

Jan Hoy
As a native to the Northwest, Jan creates abstract sculptures in clay, bronze, steel, and mixed media that reflect the landscapes of her home. Her forms range from small-scale tabletop pieces to mid-sized works for the garden to monumental corporate sculptures. Her forms are organic in nature with an accent of linear. They remind one of something ancient and at the same time they are clearly contemporary.
Pictured: Sisters

Wayne Kangas
A local Bellingham artist that started making art in retirement has taken the city by storm. Wayne’s intricate welding work can be seen in breweries around town. Utilizing found and recycled metals in his work, Wayne is able to produce detailed landscapes as well as whimsical abstract works.
His beautifully designed sculptures started as welded wall pieces but have expanded to freestanding sculptures as well. He is always growing his work by experimenting with new materials.
Pictured: Cassettes

Karla Matzke
The Matzke Gallery and Sculpture Park is committed to representing the best and the brightest talent both locally and internationally. Over 65 artists are currently on display on the property surrounded 10 acres of well groomed landscape, creating a park that is a piece of art on its own. Karla works to connect artists with collectors through the myriad of events hosted at the Matzke Gallery. Located on Camano Island the beautiful Pacific Northwest seasons bring vibrant, ever changing, backdrops to the Sculpture Park.
Pictured: Birth of the Flower Children by Tracy Powell

Lin Mcjunkin & Milo White

Lin’s interest in glass grew out of early experiments with ceramics.  ln her studio north of Seattle,  she transforms recycled glass and metal into sculptural elements for private and public commissions. Lin is also a science educator, and the concepts from her classes find their way into her recent work around climate change and advocacy for the Earth. Milo is a designer and metal fabricator.  Together they use their skills to create diverse glass and metal sculpture that brings awareness to their environmental concerns.  
Pictured: Valley of our Spirits

Pat McVay
Currently, most of his work is large-scale carvings from already-downed trees, using everything from a chain saw to fine chisels. His whimsical and even comical sense is often the basis of unique carvings of people and animals. Many of Pat’s works are visible in public spaces up and down the West Coast.  He was a founding member of the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association and the Cascade Wood Sculptors Guild.
Pictured: Work in progress, Lebanese Cedar, 7’x4’x4’

Alexandria Morosco
Working from her studio on Whidbey Island she creates pieces mostly modeled after the human form, sculpting them to be an allegorical vessel. Alexandria uses sculpture in traditional and contemporary ways to merge her personal experience with a medium to create moving and breath taking works of art. Predominantly using stone, bronze and mixed media, she creates large scale and smaller personal works.
Pictured: Bardessono Harvest Goddess

Woody Morris
Situated in the Freeland Art Studio, Waterscapes LLC is a 15 year old Northwest company specializing in indoor and outdoor water features including ponds, streams & waterfalls made of stone, stainless steel & glass. Motivated by his background in art & design, Woody wanted to combine his talents with a medium that intrigued and mystified him while also bringing a peaceful touch of nature to his clients. His love for water & stone made this a perfect match.
Pictured: Orehek

Claire Murgatroyd
Claire is originally from Waterdown, Ontario, and is now based in Vancouver BC. Claire is recognized as an artist with talent in many different mediums. Each of her pieces has their own distinct voice whether they are kinetic, abstract, 2D or 3D.
Pictured: Eartha

Richard Nash
Richard is an abstract sculptor and painter with a primary focus on composition. His goal is to create visually engaging art that continues to endure on an intellectual and emotional level. Born in the Pacific Northwest, Nash’s history includes a BFA, BEd, and MFA from WSU, Pullman; a 1-year scholarship to study art at Nihon University in Japan; and a one-year sabbatical to study art and architecture in NYC, Europe and Russia. Richard built a 30-year career as an art educator, and taught intaglio printmaking at SVC. He has been represented by numerous regional galleries. He’s been a full-time artist since 2006.
Pictured: Founders’ Tribute Sculpture

Ivan Neaigus
Creating both paintings and sculpture in his studio on Whidbey Island, Ivan works with minimal shapes, and integrates wood with stone. His first connection with the impending sculpture comes from the shape and color of the starting medium. While connecting nature and geometry in his work he also thoughfully pulls on the human experience of Being, to bring more depth to his creations. In his more recent sculptures he has been playing with the interelationship of wood and stone, weaving them within and throughout.
Pictured: Sunrise-Sunrise

Hank Nelson
The owner, and featured sculptor, of Cloudstone Sculpture Park Hank believes that anything can be sculpture as long as it is rooted in ideology and emits a provocative concept that invites thoughtful contemplation or philospohical discussion. He specializes in carving granite, but has many other mediums displayed on his expanse of land situated on Whidbey Island. He welcomes artists looking for a place to carve monumental peices to his oasis on a rent or barter basis. As well as artists, his land is available for hosting events such as meetings, conferences, or workshops.
Pictured: Seeking the Path to Heaven

Chuck Pettis
Chuck Pettis is owner and operator of Earth Sanctuary a sculpture park and retreat center. Chuck is an environmentalist and that can be seen when strolling the nature trails of the sanctuary. Not only is he displaying environmentally conscious and provocative works of art, but also working to restore the native plant and animal diversity to its original levels of beauty. As Chuck would say, it is “Design with Nature”. As a place of calming and renewal, visitors are encouraged to attend this sacred space to gain spiritual growth or cleanse themselves of the hubbub from an urban life.

Dale W Reiger
Originally from Seattle, Washington, Dale never wandered too far from the Northwest, and finally has settled onto Whidbey Island. He only found the art of sculpture 10 years ago, yet has always had a natural talent for creation. Most of Dale’s work is cast kiln-formed glass or a combination of fusing and casting. Within the glass he utilizes elementary shapes to create his own personal symbolism that he can share with the viewer. His color choices are emotionally specific, offering harmonious or dissonant imagery.
Pictured: Kiln Formed Glass

Frank Rose
Working out of Freeland Art Studio #8, Frank is crafting portraiture likenesses in wet clay. He uses a perfect balance of his left and right brain to make his clay figure masterpeices come alive. His art is connective, sharing with the viewer the beauty and emotion that he sees inside the people he models his work after. Frank is not only an artist but a seasoned proponent of the arts. Since he arrived on Whidbey Island in 1986, he has devoted himself to developing and promoting arts organizations in his community.
Pictured: Portrait of Jim Freeman

Rob Shouten
Rob Shouten’s Gallery and sculpture Garden has monthly changing exhibitions featuring Northwest Artists. The gallery represents about 30 artists working in all mediums including painting, sculpture, and jewelry. The small garden exhibits more than a dozen sculptures nestled into the beautiful and historic Greenbank Farm on Whidbey Island, along with two other galleries.
Pictured: Dani and the Tree of Life

Roger Small
An artist from a young age Roger’s art has only grown over the years. After a hiatus starting when he was a young adult Roger once again found art in retirement after his daughters love for painting inspired him. Originally a painter he has recently expanded his horizons to sculpture and has a thoughtful series of human emotions composed of steel. Being from the Skagit Valley many of his works reflect the beauty of his surroundings.
Pictured:Steel from Series

Sue Taves
Working with many different types of stone and themes, when Sue carves she tries to capture the natural essence of the stone to create one-of-a-kind sculptures for a home or garden. She believes that each stone has its own story to tell and the carving process is about discovering that story.
Pictured:Through Mended

Lane Tompkins
As a member of the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association, Lane started seriously sculpting at 60 years old. He most often produces flowing organic pieces with emerging figurative forms of plants and animals. His work is suggestive rather than representational, and uses those free flowing organic forms as staging for metaphoric realism.
Pictured: Three Kings

Lloyd Whannell
Owning and operating the Fine Art Builders, a custom stone fabrication business, Lloyd is an active member of the arts community as well as a successful entrepreneur. His business specializes in countertops, sinks, tables, fountains, memorials, fine art sculpture and anything that can be made of stone. With many other skills, such as contracting, he welcomes and enjoys collaboration with architects, designers and clients to create the perfect, unique and personal pieces they are dreaming of.
Pictured:Silent Watcher IV